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We meet and exceed all State of Michigan standards and requirements for archival storage. USC has maintained a legacy of secure protection for archival storage. We provide storage services for numerous states, cities, counties, businesses, courts, churches and libraries.

The microfirm archives are protected in a large vault within the gypsum mine located 10 stories underground. USC maintains archival-compliant humidity and temperature standards within the vaults. Humidity is kept at 40%, and the temperature is between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.


The vaults are kept clean, and the records are stored in labeled steel cabinets. Every single item placed in storage is carefully documented.

storage services



  • We can scan microfilm upon request and send an image through email or mail.

  • We can help with any duplicating of microfilm or making microfilm right paper or books.

  • We can shred any data that no longer needs storage.


We store various types of archival records that include:


  • Backup Servers

  • Ledger Books

  • Original paper document

  • Irreplaceable items & artifacts

  • Microfilm

  • Microfiche

  • CDs / DVDs

We offer nearly 50 years of records management experience, backed by industry-leading technology and procedures. Whether you need a consultant to help determine your records management needs, a courier to rotate data tapes or overnight shipping — we're ready to serve.


Come see why your critical records are best protected at USC. To this day, there is no doubt that the best possible method of retaining security records is found in underground storage.

The rock solid difference at USC:


  • 85 feet (10 stories) beneath solid rock

  • Temperature consistency between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Humidity controlled and monitored round-the-clock at 40%

  • Heavy-duty, steel entrance doors

  • Automatic EPS Alarm System that protects records 24-hours-a-day

  • Approved by the American Standard Association.

  • Approved by the U.S. Bureau of Standards

  • Meets (and exceeds) State of Michigan Codes for Archival Storage

  • Complete secure storage of irreplaceable records contained on microfilm, microfiche, CD, Or DVD

  • Family-owned and operated since 1971

  • Computerized check-in and check-out process effectively controls inventory

  • Trusted by more than 70% of County Registers of Deeds in Michigan.

In 1971, Gordon Gezon created Underground Security Company (USC). He chose to utilize the safe, natural space provided by the gypsum mines located underneath Grand Rapids, Michigan for his archival storage facility.

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